Van Table Mounts: Guide to Lagun, Telescoping & DIY Options

Embarking on a van conversion journey entails a multitude of decisions, each contributing to the functionality and comfort of your mobile abode. One such pivotal choice revolves around selecting the right table mount solution, marrying both stability and flexibility to cater to the transient lifestyle. Here, we delve into various table mount solutions, reflecting on personal experiences and further research to guide you towards making an informed decision.

The Lagun Mount

The spotlight first lands on the well-received Lagun mount, celebrated for its adaptability to the nomadic lifestyle. The design comprises a swivel arm affixed to a vertical surface, paving the way for a movable table setup. This system shines in its ability to swing aside or completely detach with a simple lever action, fostering a dynamic living space.

The Lagun’s versatility extends beyond merely being a table; it morphs into a part of your bed setup if you opt for a convertible banquette seating arrangement. However, a notable drawback lies in its weight capacity, urging a thorough consideration of your table’s weight before settling on the Lagun mount.

Delving into the specifics, a Lagun table mount is revered for its single swiveling arm sans legs, promoting ample storage space while being easily swung out of the way when not in use​1​. This feature stands out particularly for those with a penchant for a clutter-free space.

The Telescoping Mount

Shifting gears, we touch upon the telescoping table mount, another viable solution offering a tad more leeway regarding table size and weight. Unlike the Lagun, this mount anchors to your van’s floor. It’s designed with a pole sliding into a sleeve, granting the freedom to adjust table height and, in some models, move along two axes.

This mount, too, can be integrated into a convertible bed structure, albeit with more limited movement. The bed conversion here is arguably simpler, requiring just a push-down of the table as opposed to complete removal with the Lagun setup. However, the permanence of this mount, coupled with a potentially higher price tag, especially for models with multiple axes of movement, may deter some van dwellers.

The DIY Mounts

For those seeking a more budget-friendly or hands-on approach, a DIY Lagun style table mount might catch your fancy. The internet is ripe with tutorials guiding you through constructing your own Lagun table leg and swivel mounting plate, catering to the more crafty individuals among us​2​.

Furthermore, a fold-out table emerges as a compact solution, with options like the Tangkula Folding Wall Mounted Desk leading the way due to its easy installation and inclusive mounting hardware​3​.

Another noteworthy mention is the fixed table mount, offering unparalleled stability at the expense of adaptability. This setup remains a steadfast fixture in your van, ideal for those with a larger van and a fixed bed arrangement, seeking a dedicated workspace.

If a hinged solution piques your interest, the continuous, or piano hinges used to attach table tops to cabinet doors might appeal to you. This setup is hailed for its simplicity, with the ability to cut the hinges to size, facilitating a snug fit for your van conversion​4​.

Lastly, the creativity doesn’t have to stop at these mentioned solutions. The freedom to mount a table top of your choice to a leg system, be it wood, formica, or any other material, opens a realm of possibilities. You’re not confined to a single table; the van life invites you to explore various table setups to find what resonates with your lifestyle​5​.

Wrapping Up

In wrapping up, the journey towards selecting the perfect table mount solution is laden with considerations of space, functionality, and personal preferences. Whether it’s the flexible Lagun, the sturdy telescoping mount, the DIY route, or any other innovative solution, taking the time to weigh your options will undoubtedly pay dividends in nurturing a comfortable and functional living space in your van.

Each table mount solution harbors its own set of merits and demerits. Therefore, reflecting on your lifestyle, budget, and the spatial dynamics of your van is crucial in steering your decision towards a setup that seamlessly aligns with your van life adventure.

In your quest for the ideal table mount solution, knowledge is your companion. Dive deeper into this topic and explore an array of innovative solutions in our comprehensive e-book. Your adventure in creating a functional and cozy van space is just a click away!

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