Starlink: Your Ultimate Guide to High-Speed Internet on the Road!

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Introduction to Starlink: The Road-Tripper’s Digital Savior

Ah, Starlink – the digital knight in shining armor for us road warriors and weekend escapade enthusiasts! Let’s face it, we all need a slice of the internet pie now and then. Whether you’re hammering away at your laptop to meet deadlines or just chilling in your van, binge-watching “Vanlife” adventures on YouTube, staying connected is key. But how do we tap into the vast ocean of the world wide web when we’re miles away from civilization?

The Old Guard: 4G and 5G

For ages, our go-to solution has been the trusty 4G and its flashier cousin, 5G. Most of us have been tethering our lives away to our smartphones or dedicated routers. It’s convenient, sure, but what happens when you’re parked in the scenic middle of nowhere, and the nearest cell tower is just a distant memory? Or when your online activities are so data-hungry that your phone plan waves a white flag? Or worse, when your internet speed crawls slower than a snail in a traffic jam? Not to mention the sim battle every time you enter a new country, if you’re not on one of those fancy multi-country sims?

Enter the New Cool Kid: Starlink

Enter Starlink, the new cool kid on the block, strutting into our lives with a space-age swagger. So, what’s the deal with Starlink? It’s been around for a bit, but only recently has it started turning heads as it’s seen on more and more vans. I personally see those spinning heads when people spot what looks like a UFO perched on the top of my van. In simple terms, Starlink is satellite internet. Imagine a high-tech dish connecting you to a satellite whizzing 550 km above, which then plays tag with either a ground center or another satellite and then a center on the ground, to bring you the internet.

The real beauty of Starlink? It works almost anywhere. Whether you’re nestled in a bustling city (though it does need a fairly clear view of the sky, so perhaps leave your Starlink in the van when stealth camping on Broadway) or lost in the wilderness, Starlink’s got your back with fiber-fast internet. Sure, the north and south poles might give you the cold shoulder, but for the most part, especially across North America and Europe, you’re golden, always with a few satellites shooting by above you.

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Pricing and Plans: Choosing Your Starlink Package

Now, let’s talk money. Starlink isn’t exactly your cheap buddy from college. But if you’re after the peace of mind that comes with reliable, almost-anywhere internet, it’s a worthy investment. The “Mobile” plan (formerly known as “Roam”) is likely your best bet, with two flavors: Regional and Global. Most folks opt for Regional, which will set you back about 100€ a month. The Regional plan will allow you to surf the web throughout your entire region, say the US or Europe, while Global covers you around the globe. That’s more aimed at salty sailors than chilled out vanlifers, so forget about Global for now, especially considering the much higher monthly plan cost of 230€.

Then there’s the hardware. The standard Starlink dish is now a more wallet-friendly 450€, a steal compared to the early days’ 600€ tag. Plus, it’s smaller and more practical. But here’s a bit of a rub – Starlink offers “Priority Data,” where you pay extra for faster speeds. In my travels across Europe, I’ve never needed this speed boost, but it’s there if you want to flex your financial muscles. Personally, I don’t really like this business practise, but your miles may vary.

There’s also a standard plan for 40€ a month, designed for stationary houses. I’ve tried it on the road, and it works, though you might need to update your Starlink’s registered address now and then. The hassle aside, the Mobile plan’s flexibility to pause and resume service makes it a winner for those who aren’t always on the move. You can simply pause the subscription at any time, and resume when you’re back on the road. It should be said that you do pay for the full month of service, whether you pause or not – the service doesn’t just stop when you pause and you pay for what you used that month. Unlike the standard plan, you cannot pause, only cancel, which means you’re not guaranteed being able to activate the service again.

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Unlimited Data and Speed: The Technical Perks

All plans come with unlimited data, which is a big deal for us file-heavy workers. But remember, with Priority Data, there’s a cap before you’re back to regular speeds. Speed-wise, Starlink often leaves 4G and 5G in the dust, especially in remote areas. I’ve clocked 150+ Mbit downloads and 50+ Mbit uploads EASY, with a stable connection and low ping – a godsend for us online gaming nerds who won’t leave the Xbox at “home” (you know if you know).

Van Life with Starlink: Installation and Mobility

Installing Starlink in a van has become a breeze. I’ve got a roof mount on my van, where I pop the Starlink in, every time I need to use it, but now you can even go for a sleek, flat mount. This means you can permanently install the dish on your roof, and leave it there! Thanks to the satellite crowd up there, the need for a motorized, moving dish is history. Starlink sells a “Flat High Performance” dish for a hefty 2,500$, but with a little DIY magic, you can transform the standard dish, into a flush-mounted internet warrior. Check out this handy video on how to do exactly that!

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Getting Started with Starlink: Easy as Pie

Getting your hands on Starlink is a piece of cake. Just head over to and make your purchase. There’s also an option to rent the equipment, but if you’re considering turning your dish into a flat-mounted rooftop wonder, buying is the way to go.

Conclusion: Embracing the Starlink Lifestyle

So there you have it – Starlink in a nutshell. It’s like having a personal bridge to the digital world, no matter where your travels take you. Sure, it’s a bit of an investment, but for the freedom it offers? Priceless. Plus, there’s something undeniably cool about saying, “My internet? Oh, it’s just a satellite in space, no big deal.” Happy travels and even happier streaming, emailing, gaming, or whatever floats your van-life boat! 🚐💫🌐

This article has in no way been sponsored or paid for by Starlink or SpaceX

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