Ultimate Vanlife Slide-Out Bed/Couch Guide

Slide-out bed

In the ever-evolving world of vanlife, constructing your van’s bed isn’t just a part of the build; it’s like creating the heart of your roaming home! It’s the one element that unites us vanlifers, regardless of where our wheels take us. But, oh boy, the ways to build it are as varied as our travel itineraries!

Now, if you’ve been daydreaming about a slide-out bed (because who wouldn’t want to add a touch of James Bond gadgetry to their van?), or maybe you’re all about maximizing that precious van space, then you’re in for a treat! I stumbled upon this nifty little video by the Vanlifer, Smaaveje Teknik. This savvy YouTuber showcases a brilliantly handy slide-out bed, leveraging pre-built bed slats from JYSK (yep, our good old friend IKEA has these too!).

As someone who’s ventured down the path of crafting a slide-out from the ground up, let me tell you, using a pre-built system is like finding a shortcut in a maze – it saves buckets of sweat, swears, and the occasional tear (or at least spares you from a marathon of muttering and tweaking).

So, give your future self a pat on the back and check out this game-changer below! You might just end up thanking me (probably more so Smaaveje Teknik) when you’re lounging on your stylish, space-saving slide-out bed, sipping a coffee in some Instagram picturesque spot.

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