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  • Jackie

    July 7, 2023 at 18:10

    Dash cameras – are illegal in some European countries and even having one can attract very heavy fines.

    It largely because it contravenes EU privacy laws.

    In France and Belgium, dash cams are restricted to ‘private use’, so you can’t share the footage on Facebook or YouTube without permission from those being filmed.

    Dashcams are illegal in Austria and Portugal, and
    it is illegal to upload dashcam footage publicly in Germany.

    In Austria, it is illegal to own, let alone use, a dash cam and even first time offenders can be hit with a huge fine of €10,000. Get caught again and it is a €25,000 penalty.

    German privacy laws require faces and number plates to be obscured if footage is being shared publicly.

    Luxembourg it is legal to own a dash cam, but you cannot use one.

    In Switzerland you can own a dashcam, but need a legal purpose to even record a journey, and have to make it obvious to anyone being filmed that they are being recorded.