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  • Jackie

    July 7, 2023 at 17:30

    “The tongue & groove boards are like those featherweight wrestling chAmpions” – another capital A.

    It struck me when I was reading this part that you haven’t discussed weight – as in the legal Maximum Permitted Mass of the vehicle and working out how heavy all the build components (insulation, wood, wiring, batteries, solar panels, appliances etc) are, plus the weight of all the personal effects that will go into the van, such as bedding, crockery, pans, towels, clothing, sports equipment, bikes etc. We’re fortunate that our truck still has 10 tonnes of unused weight carrying capacity, but in a 3.5 t van, weight could be a real issue.

    We met a van lifer who had used Pawlonia wood for his panels, which is incredibly lightweight.